Canada boycotts the Beijing Olympics “diplomatically”


Canada announces its diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in the Chinese capital, Beijing, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

  •  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada followed in the footsteps of the United States, Britain and Australia, deciding to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics diplomatically, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday.

Trudeau pointed out at a press conference that the boycott is due to “the Chinese government’s violations of human rights,” according to the four countries’ claims.

Trudeau said Canadian athletes will participate in the Games, which will begin on February 4, 2022, but that no Canadian government officials will travel to China.

Trudeau added that “it is important to be in partnership with allies in the world when we have an approach against China,” so that the United States announced earlier this week, the diplomatic boycott, followed by Australia and then Britain.

in turn, The Chinese embassy earlier described Washington’s decision As “political manipulation” and a distortion of the Olympic spirit, and about the Australian position, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said: “No one cares whether Canberra (the capital of Australia) sends official representatives or not.”

In a related context, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed His intention to attend the opening of the “Beijing 2022” Olympics, despite the possibility of boycotting the event from the leaders of many Western countries.


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