Breaking news: Biden survived his meeting with Putin!


For me, the only outcome of the hypothetical summit between the two presidents, Biden and Putin, was the ludicrous remark, or the conclusion that Biden feared being left alone with Putin.

The Russian president was alone in the room, while a group of people sat around the American president, sharing his meeting with Putin.

Perhaps those around Biden should have provided him with timely assistance, if the American president became unwell, or reminded him of what to say, if memory did not help him, or if his silence lasted between words. However, what is more likely is the fact that the President of the United States of America needed a number of witnesses, to prove that he was not bought by Putin, was not photographed with prostitutes, did not shake hands with Putin, and did not compromise the supreme national interests of the United States of America, as was attributed to his opponent. Trump, after personal meetings with Putin and within the framework of “Rasha Gate”…

Regarding the last assumption, I’m not joking at all. Let’s just remember Trump’s translated interrogations, and I’m not kidding either about the outcome of the Putin-Biden summit, which only yielded this amusing remark.

Personally, I tend not to see any connection between this summit and the failure to include sanctions against Russia in the US military budget.

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The virtual summit of Putin and Biden is not a step from war .. but to war

In addition to the sanctions against “Northern Stream-2”, there were no important points at the summit, and even those sanctions, the Germans succeeded in blocking them, and for a while.

The two sides came to the top with contradictory and clearly unenforceable demands. I remain convinced of the inevitability of escalation in the near future, as it is based on the size and nature of the challenges facing the United States of America. It is an objective process, in which the United States descends, Russia and China rises, and everything will either end with the peaceful burial of the United States, or it will, in the most plausible and logical way, try to change that, with the main trump card, which still has its sleeve: supremacy. Absolute military.

As expected, Ukraine was the main issue on the table, but the content and tone of the discussion so urgent and robust was fabricated two to three weeks before the talks. The meeting and its agenda were not the result of events in Ukraine, but merely a background and a pretext, and this new hysteria about the alleged impending Russian invasion of Ukraine was fabricated only to bolster Biden’s position at the meeting, where the central issue of the meeting was: an American proposal for Russia to surrender.

By analogy, we can recall how the first test conducted by the United States of a nuclear bomb coincided with the Potsdam Conference, while Stalin, Truman and Churchill were dividing the world into spheres of influence. Truman and Churchill discussed for a long time how to tell Stalin that miracle weapon, and followed his reaction closely. Stalin could only throw a meaningless phrase, with a slight smile, and ignore this message. If you want to see this Stalinist smile, it is the same smile of Putin at the beginning of the summit with Biden.

Breaking news: Biden survived his meeting with Putin!

Satellite Mikhail Mitsel

Russian President/Vladimir Putin, during a virtual summit with his American counterpart, Joe Biden

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Does President Biden intend to step down?

One way or another, “Russia will attack Ukraine. Everything is prepared for this, and here are the deadly penalties that the West will accept, should this war break out.” After formulating these conditions for imposing the maximum sanctions, and after Washington has been patient a lot and dealt with Putin’s stubbornness, it will now push its sheep into the fold, sorry, I mean its allies in the list of countries ready to impose these sanctions.

Washington can start a war between Ukraine and Russia with a phone call to Kiev, while the Ukrainian military buildup of 120,000 people stands ready on the Donbass border, and its transition to the offensive automatically means the involvement of Russia and of course the automatic adoption of maximum sanctions against Russia, as well as, most likely, Poland, Lithuania and an unlimited number of European members of “NATO” were involved in the hostilities, while the United States of America would not participate in the war, based on the statements of American officials, as I mentioned earlier.

I think that in the coming months we will witness American attempts to steer events towards this juncture.

political analyst Alexander Nazarov

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