Basil Khayat officially announced his absence from the Ramadan 2022 drama, and reveals the reasons


Follow up: Nazik Issa

The Syrian artist, Basil Khayat, officially announced his absence from the Ramadan 2022 drama, due to his preoccupation with two works during the coming period, in addition to his new experience, which is “interactive drama.”

Khayat explained in a live broadcast through his account on “Instagram” that he has started filming a short series that will have 15 episodes, and a long series will begin filming in February of next year, which prevents his participation in any work in the Ramadan season.

During his answer to the audience’s questions, Khayat confirmed that he prefers to embody complex characters, who need to study and work on them to be different, indicating that he will embody a romantic character in his new work.

The Syrian star revealed a new project in the coming period, which is “interactive drama”, where the audience participates in writing the upcoming dramas, provided that the story begins and the audience completes it through comments, while the best story will be chosen for the participating audience, and it will be adopted as a new scenario.

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