Baldwin confirms he didn’t pull the trigger on the set of ‘Rust’


Los Angeles – AFP
Actor Alec Baldwin confirmed that he did not pull the trigger of the gun he was in when a fatal bullet hit the director of photography on the set of the movie “Rust”, of which the star was also one of his producers.
“The trigger wasn’t pulled… I didn’t pull the trigger,” the actor said in an excerpt shown Wednesday from his first official interview since the October 21 tragedy, broadcast by ABC in full on Thursday evening.
Baldwin confirmed during this interview that he did not know how live ammunition got to the set, which accidentally killed director of photography Helena Hutchins.
“I can never point a gun at someone while the trigger is pulled,” he said. at all”.
In this excerpt from the interview, Alec Baldwin did not provide further details to explain how the fatal bullet fired from the pistol.
Hutchins was injured while Baldwin was rehearsing a scene in the film in which his character draws a weapon.
It was assumed that this weapon contains only fake bullets. In response to a question about how there was live ammunition in the barrel of the gun, Baldwin said, “I have no idea. Someone put a real bullet in the weapon. A bullet was not supposed to be there.”
The police continue to investigate the incident, and have not yet taken the initiative to arrest anyone, but it is not excluded that the judiciary will file charges if the investigation finds responsibilities, according to the Attorney General’s office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
On-set weapons supervisor Hana Gutierrez-Reid admitted to investigators that she had neglected to verify the weapon Baldwin had used prior to the incident. She said she had no explanation for how there was live ammunition on the set.
On Tuesday, investigators reported possible leads that could explain the existence of this live ammunition, which is officially prohibited by the rules in force in the film industry in the United States.
Seth Kennedy, a supplier of ammunition used at Rust, said he likely sold hand-assembled ammunition to the film crew – possibly from recycled components – whose logo matches that of the killer cartridge.


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