Arab Cup 2021.. Algeria beats Lebanon and approaches the quarter-finals


The Algerian national team won a difficult victory over Lebanon with two goals without a response, in the second round of the fourth group of the Arab Cup 2021.

Yacine Brahimi advanced to take the penalty kick, and gave his team the winning goal in the 69th minute of the match.

Al-Tayeb Al-Mazyani strengthened the “Al-Khidr” advance with a second goal in the last seconds of the match.

The win raised the “Desert Warriors” score to 6 points at the top of Group A, while Lebanon’s team is at the bottom of the standings without a score.

Egypt is runners-up with 3 points, before its match in the same round with Sudan, on Saturday evening.

Table of the Egypt and Algeria group standings in the Arab Cup 2021

  • Algeria national team – 6 points
  • Egypt national team – 3 points
  • Lebanon national team – no credit
  • Sudan national team – no credit


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