Apple plans to introduce a new watch for athletes


plan Apple company to revamp its entire 2022 Apple Watch lineup, including an updated Apple Watch SE and a new Apple Watch with a rugged design aimed at athletes, according to a Bloomberg journalist.

And press reports indicated that Apple plans to update the Apple Watch SE, by 2022, along with the Apple Watch Series 8, knowing that the Apple Watch SE was released in September 2020 and since then it has become a mid-level option for customers, and the Apple Watch SE is characterized by the same design as the Apple Watch Series 6 but lacks advanced features such as the always-on display, blood oxygen sensor, and ECG function.

It is reported that Apple does not usually update its “SE” devices, such as the iPhone SE, for several years, since Apple did not announce an update this year, it is assumed that a new model is expected for 2022. The reports did not say what to expect from the new Apple Watch SE , but may include a slightly modified design and health features. On par with high-end models.

Alongside the current Apple Watch SE update, Apple is planning an all-new Apple Watch aimed at athletes. Bloomberg reported earlier that Apple is recently considering releasing a rugged version of the Apple Watch with enhanced durability, and the new Apple Watch will feature a “rugged” design that may feature a chassis more resistant to scratches, dents, falls, and more.

Before its official unveiling, reports confidently indicated that the Apple Watch Series 7 would feature a flat-edged design, and these rumors failed to come true, and it turned out that the Apple Watch Series 7 featured a more curved design, these rumors, instead, were probably referring to a watch The so-called “rugged” Apple is in the works, however, that’s still just a guess.

Apple is currently collaborating with Nike on special Apple Watch Series 7 and SE models that feature a unique watch face and come paired with special watch straps. These models feature the same design and durability as the standard Apple Watch.

The current Apple Watch lineup includes the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 from 2017, and it is now rumored that Apple plans to expand the lineup to include more customer demographics in 2022, such as athletes who may have decided even Now don’t buy an Apple Watch because of its durability.


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