Apple announces a decline in demand for iPhone 13.. for this reason


informed Apple company Component suppliers that demand for iPhone 13 phones have become weak amid supply chain problems and delays in delivery, which in turn has affected consumption, according to Bloomberg.

It is noteworthy that the company had lowered its iPhone 13 production target to 10 million units, down from the target of 90 million units, due to supply problems facing the company.

Buyers of Apple’s new iPhone 13 series are facing longer-than-expected delivery times as a result of the ongoing global chip shortage exacerbated by labor shortages and logistical hurdles in some Southeast Asian countries.

While the long shipping period remains a major drag on Apple’s supply chain, the situation is likely to continue into the first quarter of 2022, given insufficient production capacity globally, according to industry insiders.

Since its launch in September, the iPhone13 series has experienced Apple’s longest waiting period from start of orders to delivery, ranging from two to four weeks, due to tight supply chains and high demand, Caijing magazine reported.


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