An image that ignites a whirlwind… Has the Iraqi flag been torn apart?


A picture circulated by social media users of tearing the Iraqi flag sparked a wave of anger among Iraqis, on the sidelines of a football match between the two police clubs. و .ربيل It took place yesterday, Saturday.

Activists circulated videos and photos of riots after the match, in which they talked about exposure to the Iraqi flag, and even went beyond that to talk about a dead person who was killed as a result of violence between supporters of the two teams.

Immediately after the match ended, the Erbil fans stormed the match stadium, as activists circulated pictures showing the Erbil fans attacking the players and the Police Club fans.

Some said that the attack was the result of the police crowd raising the Iraqi flag.

Erbil governor denies

On the other hand, the governor of Erbil, Omid Khoshnaw, today denied these news in whole and in detail, as some media channels promoted on the media.

Khoshnaw stressed, during a press conference, that “the quarrel that took place in the Franco Hariri stadium yesterday evening did not result in the death of anyone, and no one was taken lightly.”

He also considered that “the incident can happen in developed countries, which is a familiar thing in football,” noting that what happened “is nothing but an accident between fans of the two sports clubs.”

He pointed out that “the issue has been derailed, and reports of a number of deaths have been published, but we deny this,” noting that “injuries and damage were recorded on both sides.”

twist topic

On the other hand, the Erbil Club clarified that “the incident was never related to the raising of the Iraqi flag,” stressing that there are “attempts to divert the issue from its course and distort the facts about it.”

The president of Erbil club, Walid Arab, said that “the Police Club fans destroyed some of the fans’ seats in the stadium after their club lost the match, and the players of the Erbil club celebrated the victory,” according to the local “Rudaw” network.

Erbil FC qualified for the quarter-finals of the Iraq Cup, after beating Al-Shorta Club 4-3 on penalties, in the round of 16 competitions of the tournament.


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