An artistic surprise shook the lands of Lebanon; You will not believe a Saudi prince is officially married to the beautiful actress; Haifa Wehbe; Know who this prince is (exciting details)!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Artistic sources said that a Gulf prince proposed to the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, and offered her to marry during a passing meeting he had with her two months ago in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.


The source added that a young Saudi prince named “Saud” was staying in the same hotel where the artist, Haifa Wehbe, was staying.

He met her more than once in the hotel lounge and restaurant, and declared to her in one of the meetings that he wanted to propose to her and to marry her.

The source explained that Haifa Wehbe did not respond to him at the same time, and thought that it was just a joke, but he repeated his request after that by phone after taking her number from the hotel management.

According to the source, Haifa Wehbe agreed two weeks ago to marry Prince “Saud”, after he gave her a dowry of 180,000 dollars, and agreed with her on the rest of the private details, and the date of the marriage is scheduled to be set in the coming days.

Haifa Wehbe has been involved in a legal struggle since the middle of last year with her former business manager, “Mohamed Waziri”.

She accuses him of seizing her money, which she said in the lawsuit she filed against him, that he seized it while he was its business manager.

For his part, “Mohamed Waziri” claimed that he has been married to Haifa Wehbe since 2017, and filed a lawsuit in the Cairo Family Court to prove that marriage,

But he failed to present papers or contracts or to bring witnesses confirming that they were married, so the court issued its decision that the two ministers of the case were lost and that his claim to marry Haifa was not true.

Haifa Wehbe won the other case she filed against Muhammad Waziri, and the prosecution issued a decision to imprison him pending investigation, as the truth of the incident in which Haifa accused him of seizing 63 million pounds from her private money was found to be true.

Unjustly, after I issued a power of attorney for him to pay some expenses for the movie “Ghosts of Europe” he is producing.
The 49-year-old artist, Haifa Wehbe, previously

She married Nasr Fayyad at the age of 16, and separated from her husband in 1998, after she gave birth to one daughter, Zainab.

In 2009, Haifa Wehbe repeated the experience of marriage, and announced her marriage to Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, but her marriage to Abu Hashima also lasted only 3 years, and announced in November 2012 her divorce from him.

Haifa Wehbe, during her artistic career, which she started at an early age, won many awards for the category of actresses, singers and showrunners,

She was ranked No. 49 of the 99 Most Desirable Women by, and was featured in People magazine’s list of the most beautiful women.

Haifa has released 7 albums, participated in 4 films and 6 television series, and her latest work is the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, which has not seen the light yet, due to her dispute with her former business manager and producer, Mohamed Waziri.

Where he demanded in his will to delete all the films collected by the artist Yusr and the artist Lebleba: where he said: I hope all films will be deleted.


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