After stopping due to “Corona”, Tunisia opens the “Carthage Theater Days”


date of publication:
December 04, 2021 18:12 GMT

Update date: December 04, 2021 21:15 GMT

Today, Saturday, Tunisia opened the 22nd Carthage Theater Days Festival, after stopping it due to the spread of the Corona epidemic last year.

The opening day includes the presentation of the play “Damus” by the Al-Qatar Association for Street Theatre. This theatrical show tells the stories of the toilers in the Tunisian mines, and this show is more than four years old, but it is still very popular in Tunisia.

The play “Sick” directed by Walid Al-Khadrawi, which was previously presented in Iraqi Kurdistan and Morocco and won the approval of the audience, will also be shown, and it is a silent show only in which the actor’s body is a means of expression.

Lovers of the fourth art also enjoy two important theatrical performances, the first is an integrated and distinct show, represented in the play “Martier”, directed by Al-Fadil Jaibi and produced by the Tunisian National Theater for the year 2021.

The play “October 18” directed by Abdel Wahed Mabrouk and produced by the Center for Scaffolding and Dramatic Arts in Tozeur will also be shown, and the play “October 18” sarcastically presents the political reality after the Tunisian revolution.

The activities of the “Prison Theater” will continue within the Carthage Theater Days Festival, an event that includes the work of prisoners, and the Tunisian Prison Authority will participate in this session with 14 works.

The first performances will be on Sunday with the play “Thaqafout”, produced by the civil prison in Mornaguia, then “Loss” produced by the civil prison in Gafsa by director Saad Hamda, and the theater club in Gafsa prison, which previously won the award for the best integrated work in the play “Al-Raja” in the year 2019.

And on Monday, the play “The Good and Savages,” produced by the Civil Prison in Siliana, directed by Mohamed Salima, will be shown. It is his first experience in prisons after the success of his experiences in the theater for children and adults.

As for the second show, it is the play “Tragia” produced by the civil prison in Sirs, and on Tuesday will be the first date with a presentation of the civil prison in Qibli entitled “Mirrors” and the second show with the play “Weirdness” of the Masadain Prison, the Women’s Wing.

The festival’s activities will continue, on Wednesday, with the “Hysteria Snoot” show of the civil prison in El-Hawareb (the first prison that performed during the Carthage Theater Days 2018 session), then the second show will be for the “Delinquent Children” center in Sidi El Hani, entitled “Three beads”.

And on Thursday, the audience of Freedom Theater will meet with the first show of “Dental” of the civil prison, Al-Amri Tower, directed by Hoda Al-Lamoushi, a satirical work that combines criticism and ridicule, and previously won the Integrated Work Award within the performances of the Hope Theater Festival in March 2021.

The second show will be “Dungeon” produced by the civil prison, Burj Al-Roumi (the first prison that presented its shows to the public in 2017, specifically the “Jojoma” show in the Teatro Hall).

It is noteworthy that during this session, a number of playwrights will be honored, including Egyptian actors, Samiha Ayoub and Ahmed Fouad Selim, Awatif Naim from Iraq, Fadela Hashmawi from Algeria, Amal Dabbas from Jordan, Floris Adgenhom from Boys, Jean Sebi Akomo from Kenya, and from Tunisia Al-Assaad Bin Abdullah, Jamal Al-Madani, Fatiha Al-Mahdawi, Abdul Ghani Bin Tarah, Saeeda Al-Hami, and Noureddine Al-Wargi.


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