After reversing their divorce, Yazan and his wife celebrate their son’s birthday


The Syrian actor celebratedWeighs Mr.On the birthday of his son Adam, through her personal page on the social networking site.
Yazan published a picture of him appearing at sea with his son, and commented: “My whole life, my second joy… God willing, I will rejoice in you and your brother and I will see you in the highest ranks.”
And Yazan’s wife posted,Lama RahwanjiA video on her personal page to celebrate Adam’s birth and commented: “Adam is a year old today.”
Al-Rahwanji had announced her divorce from Yazan, to retract this decision through her own account in a publication in which she said: “I will not make a movie for you and say my account was hacked, I was a problem, and I concluded, meaning what we launched.”
She added, “Usually, I am not nervous and my mind is long, but its electric shape affects my psyche, but I discovered my performance in loving people, and my performance in hateful people.”


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