A shocking statement from Hend Sabry: “I do not accept criticism easily.”


Actress Hend Sabry revealed that she does not accept criticism easily, although she respects criticism and does not deal with it personally.

On the sidelines of the activities of the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival, she added that the series “I Want to Get Married” was subjected to a lot of criticism when it was shown for the first time.

However, she made it clear that the attack on him did not last long, but rather the audience sympathized with the series, and it achieved an unexpected success.

She expressed her love for non-stereotypical roles, which she considers to be common to the different characters she presented.

She said that 90% of women’s roles in the Arab world are stereotyped, and they are far from the reality of women, their issues and their daily lives.

Hind Sabri

Hind Sabri

Also, she added that there is a problem facing women even in film production, noting that the producers allow women to bear the title of an entire drama series, but they are afraid that they will bear an absolute championship in cinema.

She attributed this to their fear of revenue, pointing out that the matter would certainly change if women entered the world of film production prominently.

Action roles

She indicated that she wishes to present “action” roles, but she does not find production for such roles in the Arab world for women.

She explained that women have much fewer opportunities than men, except in the comedic roles in which the actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Donia Samir Ghanem succeeded greatly.

Hend Sabri 3

Hend Sabri 3

And Sabri continued, “I grew up in a house that respects women, appreciates them, and pushes them forward, and my mother was the biggest motivator for me. She was always encouraging to me, and she is still the one who supports me in my life and raising my daughters. Opportunities in my life, but life is always choices. For a period of my life, I was tested to complete my studies or enter the field of art, but I was able to do both.

female roles

In addition, the artist indicated that there are many writers who innovate in their writings about women’s roles in a manner that befits them and discusses and expresses the problems they face, including Muhammad Khan, writer Maryam Naoum and Kamila Abu Zakri, through their realistic and honest embodiment of women’s life, which reaches the audience from Women are faster because it is similar to their lives, their problems and their issues, so we need such models for women to empower them more broadly.

But with regard to the Arab models she emulates, she indicated that she loves the late artist Souad Hosni, and that she respects the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, and considers her an inspiration to her, for what she was able to present to the cinema and the public.

It is reported that the artist will return again to the character of Ola Abdel Sabour, which she presented in the series “I Want to Get Married” 10 years ago, in a new series in which the artist participates as an actress and production director for the first time in the series “Search for Ola”, co-starring Sawsan Badr, and the artist Hani Adel is scheduled to be shown on the “Netflix” network.


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