A resounding artistic surprise revealed for the first time after years of his departure, Rushdi Abaza’s personal card reveals his religion and his real name! (a witness)


The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a rare picture showing the identity card of the Egyptian cinema, and one of its most prominent stars in the golden era and the beautiful time, the handsome Rushdi Abaza, who was an ideal model for the dream catcher of many girls.


The photo revealed a number of rare information related to the life of the late artist Rushdi Abaza, which many of his fans do not know anything about, which included his full name, Rushdi Saeed Hassan Baghdadi Abaza, as well as the date of his birth, which was on August 3, 1926, a Muslim of religion, As for his job, it is a cinematographer.

His place of residence at that time was 20 Bahgat Street in the Zamalek district, and the card contains a special field for the type of blood type, and the Abaza blood type was A, and over the years, the group field was deleted from the ID card.

Rushdi Abaza entered the artwork by chance, and he did not plan to become an actor one day, until he presented the movie The Little Millionaire in 1948, in front of the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, after he met one of the directors, so that the movie The Little Millionaire would be the gateway to his entry into Egyptian cinema as the first A work presented by Abaza in his artistic career.



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