A doctor with “Amicron” explains in detail the symptoms of the disease


After he was diagnosed with the new mutant of the Corona virus known as “Omicron”, an Indian doctor described the symptoms of the disease accurately and sent a message of reassurance about the seriousness of the mutation.The 46-year-old doctor is one of 4 people in India who were diagnosed with the new mutation by health authorities, and he is still in isolation in a hospital in the southern city of Bangalore as a precaution, after his condition was diagnosed on November 22, according to the Khaleej Times newspaper.

The doctor said that the symptoms he felt include body aches, chills and a bout of dizziness, and his temperature rose to 38.5 after 3 days of the positive test result, while he did not suffer from breathing difficulties, and the oxygen levels in the blood were normal at about 95.

But he feels “completely fine” and has stated categorically that “the new mutant Omicron is not life-threatening”.The doctor does not yet know the source of the infection he received, because he has not traveled to any of the countries that reported the new mutant, which caused global concern.

On the other hand, the doctor advised everyone to “keep calm”, undergo an immediate examination in the event of any symptoms of corona, self-isolate and receive the necessary treatments if infection is confirmed.

India has so far recorded 4 cases of the “Omicron” mutant, while the total number of corona infections in the country is close to 35 million, of whom about 470,000 people have died.

The country has intensified control of its airports, obligating arrivals from countries that have announced the emergence of “Omicron” to undergo a test upon arrival.

The mutant “Omicron” appeared recently in South Africa before it spread to about 24 other countries, and the World Health Organization said that its scientists are conducting further verifications to know the characteristics of the new mutant, its danger and the degree of resistance to Corona vaccines.


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