A bad habit turned the life of a star from a player in an ancient team to a porter!


The former player of the Ukraine national team and Russian club Zenit, Roman Maximyuk, admitted that his addiction to gambling turned his life upside down.Maximyuk said in an interview with the “Fan Day” website, that he suffers from a gambling addiction, noting that his addiction to the casino completely destroyed his life.

He also said that he lost all his money and now works as a porter.The player, who was in the midfield, added that he bought three apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk in return for the bonus of winning with Zenit in the Russian Cup in 1999, before having to sell them all later to buy one apartment in Kiev, which he left to his ex-wife after the divorce.

Maximyuk, who is now 47 years old, defended Zenit Alon for one season 1998/1999, in which he played 51 matches and scored 13 goals.

At the international level, Maximyuk participated in five matches with the Ukraine national team, before retiring from playing in 2011.

Source: Russia Today


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