10 health benefits of “Youssef Sousa” after eating “Shaima”


Thank you for reading, read the news: 10 health benefits of “Youssef Sousa” after eating “Shaima”

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In light of a lot of talk about the “Shaimaa” festival by Youssef Sousa, which has spread widely during the past two days, on social media, and the appearance of its heroine at the end of the clip, which the audience was surprised to see as a “duck,” Basrawi News Encyclopedia presents the most prominent benefits of eating ducks, which contains nutrients; It has healthy unsaturated fats.

Health benefits of eating duck

However, most duck cooking methods involve removing the majority of the fat, leaving crispy skin and lean meats to get it.

1- Made duck fat can be used as a healthy alternative to butter, or other animal fats used in cooking.

2- Duck meat is very tasty and rich in nutrients.

3- Duck meat is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, as well as micronutrients including selenium, iron and niacin.

4- Duck eggs are also nutrient-dense and have similar nutritional properties to chicken eggs, but in higher amounts.

5- Duck is an animal protein that provides some of the beneficial nutrients common in red meat, such as iron, without as much saturated fat as red meat.


Eating duck strengthens the immune system

6- Strengthens the immune system; Along with walnuts, fish, and other animal proteins, duck is a good source of selenium, an important antioxidant that can help prevent cell damage and fight infections, both of which support the body’s immune system.

7- Supports the health of the thyroid gland. Consuming an adequate amount of selenium is also important for the health of the thyroid gland.

8. Some research shows that eating animal protein, including duck, may improve bone density and strength.

9. While oily fish is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids, duck also contains these heart-healthy acids.

10- Eating duck instead of steak and other meats that are high in saturated fat, provides iron, like red meat, much more than you get from chicken.

Thank you for reading. Read the news: 10 health benefits of “Youssef Sousa” after eating “Shaima”, the news ends.


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