You would not imagine that this beauty exists;; More beautiful than Yasmine Sabry and Haifa Wehbe.. An Arab artist deeply regrets her participation in this movie, Adel Imam, and hopes to delete it permanently.. She appeared in it as God created her!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Danish Experience movie is her first and most exciting work in Egyptian cinema, as she appeared in the film as a Danish girl who comes to Egypt,


She lives in the house of Adel Imam and his sons, each of whom admires her for being a charming European girl, for being very daring and for her sexy clothes.

It is the Lebanese singer and actress Nicole Saba, who said during one of the television interviews that she is now mature, and that she regrets her participation in the movie “The Danish Experience” with Adel Imam.

Nicole Saba had appeared on the program with her husband, Youssef Al-Khal, to confirm that her participation in the film was one of the reasons for their separation for six years from 2002 to 2008, but it was not the only reason for the separation.

Youssef Al-Khal explained that both of them were busy with their artistic work in different countries, as they were in Egypt while he was in Lebanon, and each of them was busy with his artistic life,

Neither of them betrayed the other, as it was reported, but their relationship was completely halted until they returned again and decided on the official engagement and church marriage.

Egyptian artist and producer Sami El-Adl, in turn, confirmed in previous statements that the Lebanese actress Nicole Saba, when she came to Egypt, almost took off her clothes in one of the films with Adel Imam,

While she refused a scene in which a kiss was in front of him, criticizing the term clean cinema, and stressed that cinema has its laws, and everyone must fall under it.

Al-Adl said in an interview with the “The Gang” program on Al-Hayat satellite channel: “Nicole Saba, when Egypt came, took off her clothes with Adel Imam in the movie The Danish Experience,

And when the scene of a kiss brought me together, I refused, even though the same director who filmed the movie The Danish Experience was the one who insisted on the kiss, not me.

Joining the “Thug”
He added, “Nicole refused the kiss on the pretext that she was going through special circumstances and did not want to present these scenes, as she was living a love story, but then she presented these scenes with us in the movie Al-Thaqaf, and I spoke with her and she chose her at the time to accept the film without modification or reject it,” adding that she accepted Join the “thug” team.

It is reported that over the past few years, it has returned accounts interested in art news, celebrities and pioneers of social networking sites,

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba circulated statements in which she regretted her hot scenes with leader Adel Imam.

These statements were accompanied by clips and pictures of the Lebanese star, who was described by many as the Miss Arab World. Emphasizing that her beauty is superior to the beauty of the Egyptian star Yasmine Sabry and the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe.

The comments did not stop there, but many of the pioneers of the communication sites asked the beautiful artist Nicole Saba to accept their marriage without realizing that she is married.


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