“Worrying, and its name is Omicron” .. Global Health issues a warning about the new mutant of the Corona virus


(CNN Health)–The World Health Organization announced Friday that it has classified the novel coronavirus mutant, B.1.1.529, as a “worrying” variant called omicron.

The World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on the Evolution of the Coronavirus, an independent group of experts, met Friday to discuss the new mutation.

The advisors recommended that the World Health Organization classify the mutation as “of concern”, referring to the large number of mutations in the variant, possibly an increased risk of reinfection, and other evidence.

The World Health Organization, in a statement on Friday, noted that “a number of studies are underway and the advisory group will continue to assess this variable. The WHO will communicate the new findings with member states and the public as needed.”

“Based on the evidence presented that an adverse change has occurred… the advisory group has advised WHO that this variant should be classified as a concern, and WHO has identified B.1.1.529 as of concern, named omicron.”

In its statement, the organization called on countries to strengthen monitoring and sequencing efforts to better understand the variables of the Corona virus.


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