Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is waiting for new planes to seize recovery opportunities


Kis Van Shayk, General Manager of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, said that the Wizz Air Group will include a large group of new aircraft in its fleet.

The new group consists of 196 aircraft to be delivered during the time period from 2025 to 2027; Shayk expressed his hope that Wizz Air Abu Dhabi would obtain a percentage of it.

Wizz Abu Dhabi capabilities and goals are competitive and healthy

In statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Van Shayk added, during the company’s participation in the recently concluded Dubai Airshow: “We are part of the Wizz Air Group and we have a very important contribution to the European Wizz Air Group, and we look forward to Wizz Air Abu Dhabi to obtain our share of These are completely new planes.

He explained that Wizz Air owns modern Airbus A321neo aircraft, which allows the company to have the lowest possible environmental footprint compared to its competitors in the region. This aircraft has a capacity of 239 seats, which makes the aircraft very efficient to operate on lines that take five hours to travel (some shorter and some longer ).

He said that having 239 passengers in one plane with 7 crew members to their destinations makes the operation very low cost, and this leads to lower prices and attracts a new market to Abu Dhabi, and that is exactly what we are doing.

He stressed that the aviation sector is in a phase of gradual recovery, especially after easing the restrictions imposed by the health crisis on travel around the world and in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi significantly.

He explained that this crisis constituted an obstacle to the development of the airline, but with the removal of restrictions we have a clear plan to expand our flight network.

Contribute to the growth and diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy

He said: We plan to increase the number of aircraft from two to four aircraft by early next year, and this is very promising because it shows that the sector has returned to recover again and we believe that by the beginning of next year we will expand the airline further.

He added: Our goal is to diversify Abu Dhabi’s economy and bring more businessmen to the capital, and connect Abu Dhabi to a much wider group of cities and markets, and it is clear that the aviation sector in the Emirates has begun to witness a remarkable recovery and we have begun to increase flights coinciding with the high season period (winter period) and the removal of Travel restrictions since September The wise leadership has done a great job making the area safer, all crew of the carrier have been fully vaccinated and passengers are screened before travel to ensure a safe travel environment.

The company provides very competitive and low prices while ensuring high quality in order to enhance the growth of travel demand and stimulate air traffic, which will support Abu Dhabi’s approach to diversify its tourism and economic resources.

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