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The number of people infected with the Corona virus has risen again, especially in European countries and when fully vaccinated as well. This encouraged several countries to move forward with the provision of the third booster vaccine against the virus.

Although the majority of new people infected with the virus in Germany, for example, are not originally vaccinated, the medical authorities in Germany are currently recommending receiving the third vaccine, but for certain groups, as quoted by the website of the German newspaper “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. Especially since the vaccine does not give one hundred percent immunity from the virus, which may lead to the infection of many vaccinated people and their transfer to the intensive care rooms. In addition, the “efficiency” of vaccines decreases over time, citing the newspaper.

When is the third vaccination recommended?

According to the German Ministry of Health, the third vaccine can be obtained six months after receiving the full vaccine and for anyone over 12 years old. All costs are borne by the Ministry of Health. However, according to the newspaper, obtaining the third vaccine before six months does not provide any immune benefit to the person, because after full vaccination, the body’s immunity is often sufficient to confront the virus, according to the results of recent studies.

But the official recommendation of the German Vaccines Authority (Stico) and the Federal Ministry of Health was to receive the third vaccine after six months after the full vaccination of those who are considered among the groups threatened first by the virus, such as the elderly over the age of seventy or those with immunodeficiency or those who work in Health institutions or adult care institutions. The Vaccines Authority recommended receiving the vaccine four weeks after full vaccination for those suffering from severe immunodeficiency.

It is not currently mandatory in Germany to receive the vaccine, which also applies to receiving the third vaccine.

But vaccination certificates in most countries, including Germany, are valid for a full year from the date of the second vaccination (or the date of the first vaccination with the Johnson vaccine). The website of the German newspaper “Stuttgarter Zeitung” stated that it is not currently known how long the vaccination certificate will be kept valid. Which may be determined in the coming days or weeks.



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