What does Barcelona need in the Bayern Munich meeting to reach the final price?


The confrontation of Bayern Munich in the last round of the group stage of the Champions League became Barcelona’s opportunity to reach the price of the final, after it fell into the trap of a goalless draw against Benfica, on Tuesday.And before one round of the end of the Group E matches, the pre-qualified Bayern is alone in the lead with the full mark with 15 points, followed by Barcelona in second place with seven points, then Benfica third with five points, while Dynamo Kiev occupies the last fourth place with one point, which is

Completely out of competition.The conflict was limited to the second qualification ticket for the final price between Barcelona and Benfica, and the Catalan team will play in the last round with its ruthless host Bayern Munich, especially at its “Allianz Arena”, while Benfica hosts Dynamo Kiev, and this match appears on paper within reach of the owners of the land.

Three scenarios to qualify Barcelona

1- The victory in the last round against Bayern Munich, regardless of the outcome of the match between Benfica and Dynamo Kiev.

2- A draw with Benfica stumbling, whether in a loss or a draw with Dynamo Kiev.3- Losing with Benfica not beating Dynamo Kiev.


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