What did Abyad say about lifting subsidies for incurable and chronic diseases?


Minister of Health Dr. Firas Abyad explained that “the partial lifting of subsidies for chronic and incurable diseases was inevitable due to the lack of funds,” stressing that there would be no complete lifting of subsidies.

In a radio interview, Abyad indicated that some medicines that were cut off within a week began to be available, as international companies returned to supply Lebanon after receiving their dues.

He stressed that “the primary care centers provide more than 90 chronic diseases medicines free of charge, and these centers are open to all patients.”

He pointed out that “pharmaceutical factories in Lebanon provide about 500 medicines for chronic diseases, stressing the commitment to support them, and to continue to support raw materials.”

Regarding children’s vaccinations, he explained that “they have not been interrupted in primary care centers,” noting that “the ministry has provided them free of charge to a number of pediatricians in university centers, provided they are not paid by the citizen.”

Regarding the Corona virus, Abyad saw that “the numbers of infections tend to rise, especially since we are in the winter season and the level of vaccination is low,” stressing the support of vaccination centers.

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