Video: The moment a strong earthquake occurred in southern Iran


The video showed avalanches caused by the earthquake, along with the shaking of huge trucks, which were parked in one of the parking lots.

The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center said a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred approximately 47 km from the city of Bandar Abbas In the south of Iran.

The center added that it has adjusted the intensity earthquake From the 6.1 degree he initially announced, indicating that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Bandar Abbas is the center of Hormozgan Province, located in the south of the country.

A local official told state television: “People felt the earthquake in several cities in southern Iran in the province Hormozkan“, adding that two earthquakes hit the area where rescue teams were sent.

Some residents felt UAE The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia The earthquake rebounded, and they announced this through their accounts on social sites.

It is indicated that Iran It is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries, due to its location in major seismic fault zones.


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