Today, the General Assembly of the Athletics Federation is held to choose a new council


Today, Friday, the General Assembly of the Athletics Federation will be held in the Olympic Hall in the Federations building at Cairo Stadium, which begins at 2:00 p.m. and convenes with the quorum of the federation complete.

The list of contenders for the presidency includes 3 candidates, namely Seif Shaheen and Fathi Nada, in addition to Majed El-Sayed, with 23 candidates in the membership.

Competing in the membership are Ahmed Hamza, Mohamed Amin, Magdy Abdel Badie, Hatem Fouda, Karim Akram, Mohamed Yahya Shaaban, Mohamed Radwan, Amin Shaaban, Magda Abdel Mohsen, Hassan Tawfiq, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Khaled Abdel Salam, Ahmed Hassan Fikri Mohamed Al-Akal, Tariq Radwan, Tariq Ibrahim, Karam Mamoun, Rashid Muhammad, Shaaban Ahmed, Saad Ali, Hisham Abdel Rahim Zidan, Adel Ibrahim Al-Assal, and Muhammad Al-Sayed Khalil.


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