The world of “deep seas” in the heart of space, with an “unparalleled” image from “NASA”


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The US space agency “NASA” has shared a stunning and wonderful image of strange and exciting space worlds, which the agency likened to a mysterious world in the deep sea.

The agency shared a unique and very rare picture of the “undersea world”, but it was taken from deep space, millions of light years away.

According to the comment attached by NASA. With the image, you can see the “Cosmic Reef” which consists of two different nebulae but each has its own charm.

The agency noted that the first nebula forms coral blocks in orange or red, and the second nebula overlaps in blue to form what looks like charming scenes captured from the ocean floor of the charming coral reefs. Astronomers call it the “Cosmic Reef.”.

According to a NASA statement, “The shimmering central part of the Orange Nebula (NGC 2014) is a group of massive bright stars, each 10 to 20 times larger than our Sun. In contrast, the seemingly secluded blue nebula is at the top right ( NGC 2020) was created by an isolated giant star about 200,000 times brighter than our sun.

Behind the cosmic coral structure lies a dark, dark expanse of space adorned with twinkling stars within the mighty Magellanic Cloud.

A coral reef 600 light-years across

The Large Magellanic Cloud forms a great mass belonging to the Milky Way, and it contains a large number of stars, according to “gadgets” website.

This great structure, or the so-called “cosmic coral reef”, extends over an area covering about 600 light-years, and is about 160,000 light-years from Earth.

The image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and was published to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its launch, and the scene was monitored in space in April of 2020.


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