The sudden death of a young artist.. Zahi Wehbe reveals: A few days ago, she was asking me about Beirut


The death of the young Kuwaiti artist Rima Al-Mutawa saddened the artistic community, as she passed away suddenly, according to what those close to her confirmed during their mourning on social networks.

The journalist, Zahi Wehbe, tweeted through his official account on Twitter: “Rima Al-Mutawa has left, the promising young Kuwaiti artist has left, the friend with a melodious voice and high mood… Only a few days ago she was asking me about Beirut and telling me her desire to come back to it, but the sudden death He kidnapped her from her family and lovers… She has mercy… My soul is sad!

Kuwaiti writer Sahar bin Ali said in a series of blogs: “Reem Al-Mutawa, who has a melodious voice and delicate feeling, an ambitious young woman and always supportive friend, was suddenly kidnapped by death, not as if we were talking two days ago and laughing. May your soul rest in peace, Rima.”

Source: her

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