The statement of the President of Lebanon about the incident of “insulting him” from a Saudi journalist provokes an interaction… and two princes respond


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The statements of Lebanese President, General Michel Aoun, about being “insulted” by a Saudi journalist without taking any measures against the latter, sparked a wide interaction among activists on social media.

Aoun’s statements came in an interview on Qatar’s Al-Jazeera channel during his visit to Doha, where Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud commented on these statements with a tweet in which he said: “A strange statement. Is the journalist an official spokesperson for Saudi Arabia? Did he ignore dozens of Lebanese media professionals and ministers who offended Indeed, Nasrallah, who is allied with him, has repeatedly offended Saudi Arabia and called for the shedding of Saudi blood in the end. His words apply to him the popular proverb, he came to solve her blindness.”

For his part, Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed responded with a tweet in which he said: “The journalist is not a government official, and his opinion represents him and does not represent the state. As for the Lebanese journalists’ insults and insults to Saudi Arabia, Al-Mayadeen, Al-Manar, and Al-Akhbar newspaper!”

Prince Abdul Rahman continued, in a separate tweet, saying: “Since I do not represent the state and I am not a government official, so I say the president’s words are true, and the appropriate action was not taken against the journalist, which is appreciation and thanks for what the president called insulting, while he is not, as it is an explanation of the facts and a name for things by their names!”


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