The Saudi Ministry of Education celebrates the International Children’s Day


In conjunction with the celebrations of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Children’s Day, which aims to draw perceptions about the world that children want to live in after the end of the Corona pandemic, and how to make the future more sustainable for the children of the world, the Ministry of Education participates in the celebration of the International Children’s Day, which falls on Saturday, 20 November of each year, to educate the community about the importance of developing children’s skills and behaviors, and preparing them to build a more reactive and sustainable personality with future developments.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the Ministry of Education will organize a special celebration for the International Children’s Day under the auspices of the Minister of Education, to highlight the efforts made by the Kingdom with the support of the wise leadership – may God protect him – for the child, protect him, empower him with his right to education, prepare him and develop his knowledge and skills from an early age to continue his educational journey.

The Ministry of Education was able to overcome the challenges of the Corona pandemic with a number of measures that contributed to the continuation of education for children without interruption, as it provided them with a safe and stimulating environment that guarantees the right to care, protection, security, entertainment and access to education, by providing educational alternatives for children through the digital platforms “My Kindergarten” and “My School.” Providing interactive education based on various media and enrichments appropriate to the school stages, as well as supporting community participation and parents to follow up on the child’s academic achievement.

The Ministry of Education provides distinguished educational services for children in the foundational stages, to enhance opportunities for developing capabilities and skills at all school levels, and to expand early childhood support to reach 90% of kindergarten enrollments in 2030, in addition to implementing programs and initiatives that contribute to improving learning environments.

Education departments and offices in the regions and governorates organize many special events and activities to celebrate this occasion in schools, based on highlighting the talents and skills of male and female students, in accordance with approved health protocols, in addition to providing many events through the educational platforms “My Kindergarten” and “My School”.


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