The “old” Corona outbreak is back.. you have to be very careful


WHO officials warned that Corona Virus It may continue to spread as communities return towards the end of the year to the social mixing and movement that was usual before the pandemic.

و .شار Tedros In a press conference, he indicated that more than 60 percent of all globally recorded cases of deaths from Covid-19 in the past week were in Europe.

He said, “In many countries and societies, we are concerned about the false sense of security that vaccines have eliminated the pandemic, and that those who received them do not need to take any other precautionary measures.”

Officials stressed World Health Organization However, vaccination, the use of masks and social distancing are all necessary to stop infection.

“We are back to pre-pandemic levels of social mixing in Europe. Even amid a strong increase in cases and even as health systems in some of these countries are under tremendous pressure,” said Mike Ryan, WHO’s emergencies director.

He continued, “The reality is that the virus will continue to spread intensively in those atmospheres.”

Tedros expressed his hope that a consensus could be reached at a ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization next week to exempt intellectual property rights for vaccines to prevent HIV. COVID-19 It is already supported by more than 100 countries.


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