The muzzle, spacing and hygiene.. a study that reveals its impact on the outbreak of Corona


Researchers at the Universities of Monash and Edinburgh stressed the need to continue wearing masks. And social distancing, washing hands besides intensify vaccination programs, to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

And researchers evaluated more than 30 medical studies from around the world, to confirm that wearing a face mask contributed to a decrease in the incidence of infection. with covid-19 At a rate of 53 percent globally, while the adoption of physical distancing contributed to a 25 percent reduction in injuries.

also play cleaning hands A positive role in reducing coronavirus infections by 53 percent, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian.

Detailed analysis is not possible for other measures, including the ., the researchers said quarantine and isolation and blanket closures of borders, schools and workplaces, due to differences in study design and outcome measures.

Many countries adopted wearing a face mask at the beginning of the epidemic, but after two years, countries retreated from the It is mandatory to wear a mask.

And with the return of injuries to the rise, especially in EuropeSeveral countries decided to re-impose the wearing of the muzzle, which the Netherlands did this month.

Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland recently tightened the rules for wearing masks as well.

On the tenth of November, the French Ministry of Education announced the re-establishment of the obligation to wear masks in all primary schools throughout the country.


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