The monthly amount of fuel from Iraq has been fixed at 75 thousand metric tons per month – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon


The General Directorate of Oil in the Ministry of Energy confirmed that “the Ministry of Energy and Water is committed to the amount of fuel determined by the Iraqi Oil Corporation SOMO on a monthly basis, and Minister of Energy and Water Walid Fayyad, in his recent visit to Iraq, reached to fix the monthly fuel quantity to reach 75 thousand metric tons per month and the timing of the shipment’s arrival. In order to be able to plan in advance and launch the necessary public tenders in their light, in order to meet the needs of the Electricité du Liban.”

And the directorate indicated in a statement, that “when the General Directorate of Oil is informed of the quantities specified by SOMO, an announcement is made on the official website of the Ministry of Energy and Water to find out the companies interested in participating in the public tender and to obtain SOMO’s prior approval. Note that EDL determines its monthly fuel needs (Gas Oil and/or Fuel Oil A and/or Fuel Oil B) according to the technical and technical necessities in its energy production plants, and based on the quantities specified by SOMO, until they are exchanged according to a contract Iraqi fuel, these are the procedures and therefore it is not possible to interfere in determining the quantity and type of fuel in a way that affects the prices offered by the bidders.”

The General Directorate of Oil published a table showing the monthly quantities specified by SOMO (metric tons), corresponding to the equivalent quantities with their approximate value determined by Electricité du Liban (metric tons) since the beginning of the implementation of the Iraqi contract:


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