The Minister of Health reveals the situation of “Corona” in Lebanon… What did he say about schools?


Health Minister Firas Al-Abyad said that “the percentage of people vaccinated against corona in Lebanon is still 40%,” noting that “a large part of the population is still vulnerable to the virus.”

In an interview on Al-Jadeed channel, Al-Abyad pointed out that “the vaccination campaign in schools was not as quickly as desired, and there were obstacles, especially in public schools,” and added: “Tomorrow we will have a meeting with Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi to take decisive decisions.”

He continued, “There is a proposal that we will discuss with the Ministry of Education about extending the winter vacation and stressing preventive measures in schools that do not adhere to these procedures, and about vaccinating teachers who refused to receive the vaccine.”

He added, “I welcome the offer of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, because Corona is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Health alone.”

However, Al-Abyadh affirmed that he is “aware of the responsibility entrusted to him”, considering that “it is still too early to judge the government’s achievements.”


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