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The Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, announced – today, Wednesday – that he had asked a reputable auditing company to audit transactions and investments that were the subject of “continuous media speculation.”

“The report prepared by the audit office will be submitted to the judicial authorities and other persons when required,” Salameh said in a statement.

There are investigations into Salameh in 3 European countries, including a Swiss investigation launched in January into allegations of major money laundering operations in the central bank, including gains of $ 300 million made by a company owned by Salameh’s brother.

And Salama added – in his statement – that the audit indicated that “not a single penny is used from public funds to pay fees and commissions” for Fawry Associates Ltd., owned by his brother.

“The source of my wealth is clear and documented,” Salameh continued, adding, “I have been a successful banker at Merrill Lynch for nearly 20 years.”

He pointed out that his monthly salary was about two million dollars, before he left the company in 1993.

“My wealth was estimated in 1993 – that is, 28 years ago – at 23 million dollars, in addition to inherited assets,” he said, noting that his wealth “was invested wisely and has grown significantly.”

Salameh is facing increased scrutiny during his 28-year tenure as governor of the Banque du Liban, following the collapse of Lebanon’s financial system.

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