The first comment from Basma Wahba after suffering a health crisis on the air


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The Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, commented on the improvement of her health condition after she suffered from a health crisis on the air while presenting her program on Al Mehwar channel.

The media, Basma Wahba, reassured her fans and followers on social media platforms of her health with her first comment after her health improved after she was exposed to a health crisis during an advertising break during the presentation of her “90 Minutes” program, and Basma wrote on her Instagram account: “Praise be to God. A crisis and I promised, our Lord will punish us, and from His mercy will save us.”

Earlier, it was reported that Basma fell into a sudden health condition during the ad break for her 90-minute program broadcast on Al Mehwar channel.

The official on Basma’s page revealed that she was transferred at the time to the intensive care unit, calling on fans and followers of the media to pray for her speedy recovery.



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