The first appearance of Youssef Sousta, the singer “Shaimaa”: I am a graduate of tourism and hotels… and people want us to sing like this | news


Festival singer Youssef Sousta was a guest in a telephone interview on the “Under the Sun” program presented by Dr. Moataz Abdel Fattah on the “Al Shams” channel.

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Youssef Sosta said, “The (Shaimaa) festival is a comedy sketch, and he was not expected to achieve this success. I have been working in the field of weddings for a while, and I sing the words of the old street and festivals, the words of simple and random people.”

He continued: The ivy of Shaima J. is from the simplicity of the street, and I meant that people laugh and just be happy, all the people looking around for Shaima until they discover in the end that she is a duck.

Youssef Sousta confirmed that festival songs and the words used in them are due to the public’s desire to do so, saying: “I sing as people want, and the music has changed over time, away from being rude in words because there are children who hear us and sing, and I intend to enter the union exams.”

Youssef Sosta

Youssef Sousta pointed out that he is 23 years old, holds a diploma in tourism and hotels, and lives in the Ain Shams area, and he completed his conscription period.

It is noteworthy that the “Shaimaa” festival topped the trend of social networking sites.

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