The Egyptian judiciary issues its verdict.. Did it agree to prevent Mohamed Ramadan from acting?


The Administrative Court of the State Council in Egypt announced its refusal to accept a lawsuit filed calling for the removal of artist Mohamed Ramadan from the Syndicate of Acting Professions and preventing him from acting or granting him permits to practice the profession.

Lawyer Tariq Mahmoud Mahmoud filed the lawsuit against Ramadan and the Actors Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, calling for an urgent ruling to ban the well-known actor from acting permanently.

The Egyptian lawyer considered that Ramadan’s roles that he presents on the screens incite violence and bullying, and that a group of young people are imitating the young actor in committing acts of violence and carrying weapons, noting that “the Syndicate has always represented the soft power of the Egyptian state, and reflects the values ​​and moral principles that The Egyptians brought it up…”

And the following lawsuit stated: “Video clips of some young people imitating him have spread on social media. Mohamed Ramadan’s artwork lacks the simplest professional and artistic standards to present a distorted and bad example for Egyptian youth, and represents an artistic and moral decline… As for the artworks presented by the aforementioned actor, It entrenches the creation of a morally distorted generation, which considers bullying and violence as an approach, and that Muhammad Ramadan is the role model for Egyptian youth.”

This victory for Ramadan is the most recent for him in the recent period, after a series of crises he went through, the last of which was the lawyer Samir Sabry filing a lawsuit against him accusing him of broadcasting a “video clip” containing “obscene words”.

And last week, the Syndicate of Musical Professions, Hani Shaker, announced the cessation of granting permits to the famous artist to hold concerts, pending investigation by the Syndicate of Representative Professions, after he committed violations in the concerts he performs, including his appearance naked and taking off his clothes on stage.


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