The departure of Rima Al-Mutawa leads the trend .. and the audience is in a state of shock


The form of the departure of the Kuwaiti artistRima Al MutawaA state of shock among her followers, and her name was trending on social media pages.
Many of Al-Mutawa’s followers expressed their great sadness at this news, which they received as a “thunderbolt”, according to their description, noting that it gave them hope, joy and determination.
Al-Mutawa passed away on November 18, without revealing the cause of her death.
Kuwaiti writerSahar Ben AliRima called on her personal page on the social networking site: “Reem Al-Mutawa, who has a melodious voice and delicate feeling, an ambitious young woman and always supportive friend, was suddenly kidnapped by death, and it was not as if we were talking two days ago and laughing… May your soul rest in peace, Rima.”


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