The death of the Tunisian singer “Safwa” | Today’s electronic news portal


The Tunisian Syndicate of Musical Professions said that the singer Safwa died at the age of 76 after a busy artistic career, and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs called the late artist “one of the most prominent beautiful artistic voices in Tunisia.”

“It has had a presence and imprint in the artistic and cultural scene since its discovery in the early sixties of the last century,” she added.

Safwa was born in 1945 as Nabiha Karkouri. She started her artistic career in the wilaya of Sfax, where she started from the stage before being famous for the beauty of her voice and joining the vocal group of the National Radio and Television Music Ensemble.

She received great support from the composer Mohamed Jamoussi, who adopted her artistically and called her “the jewel of the south”, as she came from Sfax, the capital of southern Tunisia.

Over the course of her career, she presented dozens of songs that inhabited the Tunisian conscience, such as (Oh, who is walking for the island), (my homeland), (dubbing and Hadid), (the world is Lina), (the spring of Jana), (your day is good morning), and others.

She gave many concerts in Tunisia and abroad, participated in major festivals, and won many honors.


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