The aviation sector meets in Dubai after the Covid pandemic and under environmental pressures


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        <span class="t-location">Paris (AFP) - </span>The Dubai Airshow opens its doors on Sunday in the first large-scale gathering since the Covid-19 pandemic, as the aviation sector begins to recover, which is facing a difficult dilemma due to environmental pressures.        </p><div>

        <p>The air traffic paralysis in the spring of 2020 severely damaged airlines and caused financial losses and pressure on companies that suspended hundreds of flights due to the lack of passengers.

According to estimates by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global airlines will incur a global loss of 51.8 billion dollars this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and will continue to record negative results in 2022, but with a lesser loss estimated at 11.6 billion.

Global air traffic was affected by the imposition of various restrictions from the countries most affected by the epidemic (-69%) compared to domestic air traffic (-24%).

So far, domestic travel has recovered much more quickly than international travel, which reflects the disparity in travel restrictions.

“This reinforces our view that once travel restrictions are removed, we will be able to see strong demand from travelers,” said IATA Director General Willie Walsh.

Air traffic is expected to return to its pre-crisis levels between 2023 and 2025.

It is unlikely that the exhibition in Dubai will witness huge orders for aircraft, as is usual in these huge exhibitions.

“There are always some surprises at air shows, but I don’t expect anything unusual to be announced,” Walsh said.

  • Competition-

The American “Boeing” and its European competitor, “Airbus”, will bring their planes to Dubai.

Airbus will display its A321neo, its last model, and the A350.

Boeing will display the “787 Dreamliner” and the 737 Max, which recently returned to service as two planes of this model crashed in 2018 and 2019 in two accidents that killed 346 people and caused the plane to be suspended for 20 months.

The American company will attend the 777X long-haul aircraft. The 777-X, with a capacity of 384 to 426 passengers, is designed to rival the Airbus A350. This aircraft has not yet obtained the licenses.

The Middle East is a huge market for this aircraft, which was launched in 2013 during the Dubai Air Show, and two-thirds of orders for this aircraft came from Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways.

“Boeing needs to have good news and to announce things” after a series of crises, said Michele Marluzzo of the consulting firm, AIR.

The CEO of Emirates Airlines had recently announced that the group would hold talks with the American company “Boeing” regarding the delayed delivery of 777X aircraft, before and during the Dubai Air Show.

The exhibition may also constitute an opportunity to launch a cargo version of the “777X” to compete with Airbus’ announcement of the launch of the “A350” freighter.

With the turbulent logistics supply chains, the shipping sector appears to be in good shape and a welcome source of income for companies.

In addition, the role of aviation in climate change is casting a shadow over the Dubai Airshow, which takes place after the conclusion of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.

Boeing will offer the “Eco Demonstrator” aircraft, which will be a copy of the 737 Max, as a testbed for the use of new, more environmentally friendly technologies.

As for the giant aerospace group “Airbus”, it will present a model of its “Zero” plane, which may be ready by 2035, and it will not emit carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, because it will burn hydrogen instead of kerosene.

In early October, the International Air Transport Association committed to making carbon dioxide emissions at 050 “zero” when it had previously intended to halve them. It has followed the example of airlines, airports and industrialists in Europe.

The Dubai Airshow is also an opportunity for the defense industries to showcase their new products, while countries such as the United States and France will display transport or attack helicopters and bomber fighters.



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