Thales announces solution that helps organizations discover and protect data


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Thales has announced a new data protection solution for cloud services from Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, reinforcing its role as a trusted third party data security in multi-cloud environments.

Data protection in multi-cloud environments presents a complex security challenge for organizations, as each cloud service provider has unique data protection mechanisms and offers for managing encryption keys.

Thales’ latest cloud data security solution allows customers to control and manage their own encryption keys, as well as manage access and authentication across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“These capabilities are critical to the transition to cloud and security, especially in light of the rapid growth in this field,” said Sunil Putti, vice president and general manager of security at Google Cloud. In keeping with our mission, we have partnered with Thales to provide greater protection to our most sensitive customer information.

We are enabling customers to take advantage of the full capabilities of Google Cloud technology for sensitive business patterns, by leveraging the integrated Google Cloud platform services for customer-managed encryption keys, CypherTrust Cryptographic Key Management Service, and SafeNet Trusted Access for Access Management and Authentication from Thales. .

This will enable organizations to deal with seamless and dynamic business environments, where protecting sensitive data in the cloud is of paramount importance.”

As customers look to reap the benefits of multi-cloud environments, Thales makes it easy to ensure protection against reputational risk and financial penalties from a cloud data breach. Accordingly, customers will benefit from improved capabilities to discover, protect, and control sensitive data across multi-cloud environments.

Thales’ data discovery and classification solution automates the discovery, classification and protection of data in the cloud and on-premises, using automation policies that identify sensitive data and protect data with encryption.

These capabilities have now been expanded to include data discovery and classification in Amazon Web Services S3 containers and Azure Blob stores.



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