“Tadawul”: the inclusion of “Group Five Saudi Pipes” in the parallel market, as of next Monday


Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul announced that the shares of Saudi Group Five Pipes Company will be listed and started trading in Nomu – Parallel Market as of Monday 04/24/1443 AH corresponding to 11/29/2021 AD with Tadawul code 9523 and international code SA15DGHKKPH8, provided that the daily price fluctuation limits are +/ – 30% with the application of fixed limits for price fluctuation at +/- 10%.

For its part, the Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) announced the addition of the securities subscribed to the Saudi Group Five Pipes Company today, Thursday 04/20/1443 AH corresponding to 11/25/2021 AD, to the Center’s accounts for eligible shareholders.


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