Symptoms of “The Mutant Ferocious” Omikron .. mild to this category


And Angelique Coetzee added, according to what the British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported, that she had noticed the presence of The new mutant When patients began flocking to her crowded clinic in the capital Pretoria earlier this November.

And there were illogical symptoms appearing on these patients with a disease.”COVID-19‘, which is caused by Corona Virus.

The injured were young people, most of whom were of different races, and the common denominator among them is extreme fatigue.

Remarkably, a six-year-old girl suffered from a very high pulse rate.

The doctor said that none of the injured had a loss of taste or smell, as is known in the rest Corona Mutants other.

“Their symptoms were very different and very mild to those I treated before,” she said.

Angelique Coetzee has been a GP for over 33 years, and chairs the Medical Association of South Africa.

On November 18, tests showed that 4 members of one family had the disease “Covid-19”The common symptom between these cases was extreme fatigue, which prompted the doctor to report to the authorities in the country.

Coetzee stated that in total, 20 of her patients tested positive for “Covid-19”, with symptoms of the new mutation.

She said that the majority of them were healthy men, suffering from severe fatigue, and about half of them did not receive the vaccine.

She added: “We had one very interesting case, a girl of about six years old, with a temperature and a very high pulse rate.”


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