Study: Drinking it more than twice a day may lead to brain aging by about “11 years”


Recent reports indicate that dementia cases will increase sharply in the next thirty years, which requires some measures to be taken to prevent this from happening.

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Dementia is a devastating condition that impairs memory and threatens the independence of sufferers. There is mounting evidence that certain foods and drinks can cause this damage, so avoiding them may prevent cognitive health decline or help improve symptoms.

The researchers warned that sugar-sweetened beverages are particularly harmful to the brain, leading to an 11-year aging of the brain when consumed more than twice a day.

Refined sugar has a bad reputation for being linked to obesity and heart disease. This is because it raises blood pressure and causes chronic inflammation, both of which may precede dementia.

Studies of neurological health have also highlighted the potential damage that sugar can do to the brain.

Added sugar specifically refers to calorie-containing additions made from carbohydrates. Sugar-sweetened beverages are a prime example of this, providing an influx of calories that can quickly satiate hunger.

This can have devastating effects on the brain, causing the prefrontal cortex to shrink over time.

There is also evidence that sugary drinks can speed up brain aging.

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Some studies have proven these claims showing that sugary drinks can reduce brain size and lead to poor memory, including a study by Boston University School of Medicine, which followed a group of 4,200 people who periodically underwent cognitive and memory tests.

Participants were asked to provide information about their intake of sugary drinks, which the team used to determine the harm.

The researchers found that drinking one or two sugary drinks per day was associated with 1.6 years of brain ageing.

The results were even more pronounced when it came to assessing aging in terms of memory.

The results found that drinking one or two sugary drinks per day, or more than two sugary drinks, was associated with 5.8 and 11 years of brain aging, respectively.

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The researchers observed poor memory and lower brain volume in participants who drank sugar-sweetened beverages, compared to those who did not.

“There doesn’t seem to be a huge upside to eating sugary drinks, and replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners doesn’t seem to help,” said Sudha Seshadri, a professor of neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine.

Matthew Pace, co-author of the study, explained that sugary drinks were used as a way to examine overall sugar consumption.

“It is difficult to measure the total amount of sugar in the diet, so we used sugary drinks as an alternative,” he noted.

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