Some Call Of Duty fans reveal their reasons for not buying the Vanguard part


Call of Duty Vanguard has failed to achieve the same success as the previous series, recording a 40% decline in inaugural Vanguard sales from last year.

This game has even become the worst launch of the series in Britain in 14 years, today in cooperation with PAX and EGX published a report that includes a recent audience poll for the series, in which 671 players were asked about their opinion of the new part.

Of these 284 players said they had been buying Series parts in the past five years, and 21% of them said they had bought Vanguard. As for the remaining percentage, which is the majority, they confirmed that they did not purchase the last part.

When those who did not buy the game were asked about the reasons that prevented them from doing so, 55% of them stated that they were busy playing other games. And 34% said they’ve played a lot of Call of Duty lately. And 14% said they were satisfied with the experience Warzone offers them. And 11% said they would rather wait for other games like Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite.

Among the other reasons that were mentioned is that some were affected by critics’ assessments about the game, or others were not interested in the Second World War era. Or that the story mode did not like some players.

Sony recently removed Vanguard from the Spotlight section of the PlayStation Store, without clarifying whether this move was due to recent problems, or just the end of the marketing campaign.




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