Sisi’s advisor: We have reached half a million vaccinations against Corona daily


Mubasher: Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health and Preventive Affairs in Egypt, Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, confirmed that all vaccines against the emerging corona virus are available in Egypt, announcing the increase in demand by citizens to receive the vaccine, and that there are about half a million vaccination cases that take place daily.

Taj El-Din said – during a telephone conversation with the “Cairo and People” channel for the “Cairo Talk” program, today, Monday, that Egypt was able to provide the largest possible number of vaccines, and we are close to reaching 40 million doses, and we are now between 37 and 38 million doses, According to the Middle East News Agency.

He pointed out that citizens now have confidence thanks to the awareness campaigns that contributed to controlling the Corona epidemic.

He indicated that the state provided vaccines in large sums with the aim of protecting the people and society, pointing out that the state began in the phase of compulsory vaccination of Corona vaccines, and proceeded in this file in a wise manner, starting with vaccinating the most vulnerable groups, medical staff, and then patients with chronic diseases.

The Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health and Preventive Affairs explained that Egypt has not reached the fifth wave of the Corona pandemic, but it is still at the end of the fourth wave, expressing his hope that Egypt will not enter the fifth wave.

Taj El-Din stressed that the number of corona deaths has not increased in Egypt, but the deaths are cumulative for cases from last August, and there is control over the situation in Egypt, and the treatment is proceeding in an ideal manner, and cases that require hospitalization have the preparations available, adding that the medicines that are used in Treatment is available, and there is an assimilation of all medications.


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