Saudi “Sports” monitors 814 violations of the “Covid-19” protocol


Saudi “Sports” monitors 814 violations of the “Covid-19” protocol

Sunday – 2 Rabi’ al-Thani 1443 AH – 07 November 2021 AD

Dr. Rajaa Allah Al-Sulami, Assistant Minister of Sports (Middle East)

Riyadh: «Middle East Online»

Today (Sunday), the Saudi Ministry of Sports revealed that it had monitored 814 violations against gyms and centers to implement the “Corona emerging” virus (Covid-19) protocol.
Dr. Rajaa Allah Al-Sulami, Assistant Minister of Sports for Media and Communication and the official spokesperson, explained during a press conference that the ministry’s goal is for everyone to attend competitions and enter gyms and sports centers, stressing that it will continue to work with the relevant authorities in following up on updates.
He added, “We have intensified monitoring operations to ensure the implementation of the protocol and to raise daily reports on it,” noting that the ministry’s teams have carried out 10,000 monitoring rounds since the return of sports activity at the end of 2020.
Al-Salami continued: “We affirm the obligation to wear the muzzle in the stadiums, as it is one of the excluded open spaces, except for sports practitioners, pointing to the increase in the number of organizers in the matches, the training of workers on the method of examination and their continuous awareness of the symptoms of the disease and its means of transmission.”
He valued the sports public’s commitment to all precautionary measures, and said: “We always bet on their awareness, and the role of clubs and federations in this aspect, and we encourage the elderly and those with chronic diseases not to come to stadiums or visit gyms and sports centers in order to preserve their safety.”

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