Saudi Health reveals the symptoms of a booster dose


Muhammad Al-Abdali, the official spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, explained, through the press conference held today on the developments of Corona in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the side effects of the booster dose, as he indicated that there are many questions that concern many citizens about them.

For his part, “Al-Abd Al-Aali” explained that there are some individuals spreading some false information about the stimulant dose, and he stressed during his speech that all of them are false and have nothing to do with health. And it goes away within a short period within 24 hours, and it responds to analgesics and antipyretics.

He also indicated that these symptoms do not occur in all individuals, but in some groups, and their symptoms are similar to other doses, and he continued during the conference, explaining that the situation in the Kingdom is stable, noting that citizens are not far from what is happening around the world from mutants, calling for the necessity of applying precautionary measures and commitment And he urged the need to receive a booster dose to strengthen immunity.

It is worth noting that the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that the total number of doses given in the Kingdom was 47 million, including 22.3 million people who completed two-dose vaccination, while the number of doses given around the world exceeded 7.8 billion doses.


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