Saudi Arabia proposes establishing an Arab center to study the economics of water projects


The meeting of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water supported the proposal of Saudi Arabia, which prepared a preliminary vision for the establishment of an Arab center for the study of the economics of water projects.
And instructed the Technical Secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Water Council to circulate a proposal for a vision for the establishment of the center to the Arab countries and the council’s partner organizations to make observations on it and to provide the technical secretariat of the Council with that no later than the end of March 2022, provided that the mini-committee holds its second meeting to study the observations, which are received by it. And reformulate the proposal to establish the center, and then circulate it to the Arab countries in preparation for discussion at the next meeting of the Technical Scientific Advisory Committee of the Arab Ministerial Water Council.
Engineer Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli, Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, participated in the meeting of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water in its 13th session, with the participation of water ministers from a number of Arab countries, on Thursday at the headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo.
During the meeting, the work of updating the “Water Security Strategy in the Arab Region to Face the Challenges and Future Requirements for Sustainable Development 2030” was discussed. Arab countries were also invited to work on raising the status of the water sector as a strategic topic to be presented at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP27, which Egypt will host in 2022.
The Council urged member states to cooperate with the Arab Center for Studies of Dry Areas and Arid Lands in providing data on water resources. ACSAD’s extensive experience in this field.
The Council decided that the focus of the work of the next 14th session in 2022 will be on “maximizing the utilization of renewable water,” and asked Saudi Arabia to present its experience in the field of ground and surface water resources during the session, within the framework of presenting experiences and leading success stories in Arab countries in the field of developing Water resources and strengthening Arab cooperation to exploit those resources.


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