Saudi Arabia announces the opening of the consular section of its embassy in Afghanistan


On Tuesday, the Syrian regime authorities announced the seizure of more than half a ton of “Captagon” narcotic pills, as part of a shipment of pasta that was intended for export to Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian News Agency, SANA, quoted a source in the competent authorities, as saying, “Through information and extensive investigations about a group of smugglers and drug traffickers, the competent authorities stopped an Intra truck in the countryside of Damascus, and by searching it, it was found that it was carrying bags of Captagon narcotic pills.” “Within a shipment of pasta that was intended for export to Saudi Arabia, weighing 170 grams per bag, and with a total weight of approximately 525 kilograms.”

The source added that the smugglers had sprayed “pepper to mislead the devices and dogs trained in detecting narcotics.”

He pointed out that the materials were confiscated while investigations are still ongoing with the arrested to reveal all those involved in the case and take the necessary measures against them.


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