Saudi Arabia allows direct entry to the Kingdom from 6 countries, including Egypt


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The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that it would allow direct entry to the Kingdom from (Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Vietnam, India), without the need to spend (14) days outside it, provided that the institutional quarantine is applied to them for 5 days, regardless of their immunization status. Outside the Kingdom, starting next Wednesday.

An official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior stated, according to the Saudi News Agency (SPA), that it is a reference to what was previously announced regarding the temporary suspension of direct entry from some countries to the Kingdom, which requires spending (14) days outside it before entering, for reasons related to the outbreak of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic. (Covid-19).

And based on the continuous follow-up of the epidemiological situation locally and globally, and what the competent health authorities in the Kingdom have raised about the developments of the Corona pandemic, and the extent of the stability of the epidemiological situation in a number of countries. It was decided to allow direct entry to the Kingdom from the following countries: (Republic of Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Federal Brazil, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of India), without the need to spend (14) days outside these countries before entering the Kingdom, as of one o’clock in the morning on Wednesday 4/26/1443 AH corresponding to 12/1 / 2021 AD, provided that institutional quarantine procedures are applied to them for a period of (5) days regardless of their immunization status outside the Kingdom, with the continued application of exceptions issued regarding some groups in this regard.

The source stressed the importance of adhering to the application of all precautionary and preventive measures adopted.

He explained that all procedures and measures are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom, according to the developments in the epidemiological situation globally.



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